Roof Leak 101: Why They’re a Big Deal

Roof Leak 101: Why They’re a Big Deal

Although it’s tempting to avoid getting a roof leak repaired, doing so can be dangerous to your home.

When most of us think of a roof in need of a repair, images of a post-storm disaster such as fallen tree branches and loose shingles often come to mind. When larger damage like that happens to our home, it would be foolish not to act immediately. However, what about the smaller damages a roof may endure? With smaller things, such as leaks, it’s easy to avoid finding a solution since it may only appear to be a problem during rainstorms. Upon discovering a leak in your roof, you may be tempted to treat the symptoms and not the problem itself by putting a bucket under the spot next time it rains to make sure the water is contained.

Doing this, however, can be catastrophic to the structure of your roof.

Why are roof leaks such a big deal?

There are two huge issues when it comes to avoiding repairing a leaky roof:

  1. there may be deeper structural damage to your roof that is causing your roof to leak
  2. the water from the leaking roof can cause mold growth, as well as wood to rot which can cause structural damage.
  3. Let’s break it down, shall we?

There may be deeper structural damage to your roof that is causing your roof to leak

Roof leaks are not a stand-alone problem. More often than not, leaks are the result of a damaged roof, and the leaking is the only symptom we may see. If you avoid it, you give the potential damage to your roof time to worsen. For comparison, it would be similar to not visiting a doctor when you notice an infected cut, only for the infection to get worse and now you need comprehensive care when you could’ve solved the problem in a simpler way had you gone earlier.

The best thing to do when you notice a leak is to call a trusted professional that can properly inspect it to ensure there isn’t worse underlying damage.

The water from the leaking roof can cause mold to grow, as well as wood to rot which can cause structural damage

The first reason for facing a leak is to ensure your roof doesn’t currently have worse damage that is only being manifested during periods of rain. The second reason is to avoid the issues that arise from water damage anywhere, but especially in your roof.

It’s no secret that a roof leak means that water is getting into places it shouldn’t be. These dark, moist, hidden areas are prime real estate for mold growth. Mold isn’t just unappealing (although we think it is pretty gross). There’s a potential threat to anyone in your home. Mold can make you sick, cause respiratory problems, and make it feel like you’re having an allergic reaction. The longer it goes unnoticed, the more time mold gets to flourish in your home. If it takes too long to notice, proper mold remediation can be expensive.

The intruding water can also rot the wood that makes up the structural foundation of your roof. Without getting too scientific, rotted wood is far weaker than non-rotted wood. In extreme cases, rotted wood can result in collapsed roofs. Repairs to the structural foundation are usually expensive, and in cases like this, unfortunate considering how avoidable it could’ve been.

Roof leaks are often a symptom of a much larger issue. Avoiding the situation is a perfect way to ensure that it gets worse. Next time you notice water getting through your roof, make sure to contact a trusted certified roofing company like Bullard Exteriors!