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If your roof is damaged, don’t neglect it. Small leaks, punctures, or missing shingles can quickly turn into big damage to your roof or other areas of your home if they aren’t repaired right away. Many times a small roof repair is all that is needed to prevent a big problem. That’s where we come in.

If you suspect that your roof is damaged, call us. We’ll come to your property, assess the damage, and give you our honest opinion of what needs to be done to get your roof back in shape. If we need to replace a few shingles, we’ll let you know. If more extensive repairs are necessary, we’ll let you know. We’re in the business of keeping your property safe. Call now.

If your property needs roof repair in Alpharetta, Lawrenceville, Johns Creek, Buford, Braselton, or surrounding areas, call now.

At Bullard Exteriors, our mission is to help Georgia property owners make informed decisions about their roof repairs, maintenance, and replacement. Our company has always been committed to safety, high-quality workmanship, and honesty. We strive to provide our customers with excellent customer service. Our contractors take the time to explain what type of damage has occurred and why we recommend certain roof repairs. 


The Benefits of Hiring a Roofing Repair Specialist

Spending money on roofing repair is not something many of us look forward to. Sometimes it is easy to put off a roof repair. Many times people assume they can repair the roof themselves to save money. However, hiring an experienced roofing repair expert can save you significant time and money in the long run. First, you need a roofing repair professional to thoroughly inspect your roof and give you an accurate picture of what type of damage it sustained.

Working with a roofing repair professional will help you understand the exact cause of your roof leak or damage. You will save money by addressing the specific problems with your roof quickly. Our professionals use the correct tools for the job and guarantee the quality of our work. In many cases, our clients are surprised by how affordable it is to repair their roofs. Depending on the circumstances, it may be a relatively quick and simple fix. You may simply need to correct a seal that has failed, replace cracked rubber, or replace some missing tiles or shingles.


Repairing a Leaking Roof

Every roofing repair job is unique. In some cases, water gets inside your house through several different pathways from your roof. The solution for one leaking roof may be different from another. It is important that your roofing repair expert has knowledge in multiple trades and can troubleshoot your leak to completely waterproof your roof. At Bullard Exteriors, we use the latest commercial practices to find the cause of your leak and fix it. We will find the source of your roof problem quickly. Our team is also up to date with the best available roofing practices, so we can repair your roof as hassle-free as possible.


Common Roofing Repair Needs

There are many common reasons why a roof may need to be repaired in Georgia, including the following:

Water entering through the window

Water entering through the wall


Leaking brick mortar

Coughing or flashing work that was incorrectly installed

Water coming through any surface that penetrates your roof

A roof does not have the correct angle to shed water properly, meaning your roof needs to be reframed or re-angled


If you have experienced a leaking roof, you may need to repair the inside of your home or office. Our professionals can make all the necessary repairs to keep your roof watertight and safe during our next Georgia storm. Our quick response technicians are experienced with all commonly-used roofing systems and have experience in other construction areas.


Storm Damage Roofing Repairs in Georgia

Bullard Exteriors specializes in repairing roofs damaged in hurricanes and other storms. Learning that your roof has been damaged during a Georgia storm or hurricane can be incredibly frustrating. We strive to make the roofing repair process as stress-free as possible so our clients can go back to their daily lives. Whether your roof has been damaged by hail, high winds, or a hurricane, we can help you repair your roof quickly and effectively.

In Georgia, even a moderate tropical storm or hail storm can cause costly damage to your roof. The most important part of the roofing repair is to inspect the damage carefully. Not all damage is immediately obvious after a storm. Different types of roofing materials need different types of repairs, as well. When you need to repair your roof after a storm or hurricane, it is important that you work with an expert who understands all of the types of damage that can occur and how to get your roof back in tip-top condition.


Re-Roof or Roof Repair?

Whether to repair your roof or put on a new roof is a big decision. Putting on a new roof can be a huge investment. Understandably, many of our clients want to avoid a roof replacement for as long as possible. However, if you wait too long to replace a roof that needs to be replaced, your roof can deteriorate and lead to other, more expensive interior damage to your home.

Most of our clients put off the decision to re-roof as long as possible until they have no other choice because the roof has completely failed. By that time, even more damage has likely occurred. When you work with Bullard Exteriors, you can rest assured that we will give you honest and accurate information regarding whether you need a roof repair or a new roof. 

We will consider your roof’s age and the extent of your roofing problems and help you decide the best course of action. Keep in mind that making a roofing repair could give you another year before you need to replace your roof, but that option could cost you more in the long run than replacing your roof.


Contact a Georgia Roofing Repair Lawyer Today

Has your roof been damaged in a storm or hurricane? Is your roof leaking, or do you need routine repairs? If so, the experienced roofing professionals at Bullard Exteriors are here to help. We would be happy to assist you with your roofing repair project. We will send a professional to inspect your roof quickly and provide you with an accurate estimate of what type of repairs you need. 

We have helped thousands of customers in Georgia with their roofing repair projects, and we are ready to help you and your family. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced roofing repair experts.

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